What’s new at Maison Lamothe?

Welcome to our blog and news section. In addition to contributions from me and Michelle, we will have guest bloggers from time to time as well as clients who may wish to submit their own experiences and reflections. If you’re interested in submitting a blog to us on the Gascony region, your travel experience in the area, or Maison Lamothe itself, we’d love to hear from you.

We will also carry news here about upcoming events we are running from time to time. From writing and yoga retreats, to classical music workshops, we have a fabulous oak-beamed, vaulted space that provides a truly memorable experience for those staying with us. If you’re interested in running an event yourself, or writing a blog please call us to discuss or email us at contact@maisonlamothe.com.

W​e look forward to talking to you.
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Marco & Michelle